Atmosfera is a digital illustration firm that focuses on conveying design intent while evoking a sense of place. Our work is like the intersection of an architectural sketch and a professional photograph—technically precise images that provide a visually immersive experience.

We pride ourselves on our varied backgrounds. We are former architects-in-training, photographers, graphic designers, and artists. These perspectives allow us to view each project from diverse lenses. Our individual frameworks also make it easier to interface with the inventive minds behind buildings, interior spaces, and urban environments. We can quickly interpret a designer’s project vocabulary and styles to highlight architectural details.

How we work:

At Atmosfera, we actively bring our clients into the process. We don’t believe in the philosophy of “You get what you get.” This approach allows us to change artistic direction as necessary and for our clients to feel a sense of ownership over the finished product.

On each project, we assign one artist to work with you from start to finish. We like to open each partnership with an informational interview. It allows us to hone in on critical pieces, define what is most important to capture, discover special project components, and begin building the project's specific vocabulary.

From here, several conceptual sketches are created so we can explore a variety of approaches. This serves as a foundation for us so we can refine ideas with your team and dive deeper into lighting, context, camera angels, key elements, exceptional details, and overall goal. After the sketching phase, we’re able to start the production process. We further refine the images across multiple drafts until a final illustration is formed—all while continuing to work with you on bringing the design intent to life.